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About Us


Our Mission Statement

To transport freight where others have gone but with professionalism, safety, and timelines. To provide secure and affordable parking for trucks. And to be positively remembered long after the load has been delivered and service provided.

Our Mission

We started YOWHI because of two reasons: the lack of affordable parking for semi-tractors and trailers, and the lack of transparency with financials in regards to transporting freight. It is industry standard for companies to pay Owner Operators a wage that will not enable them to grow for fear of competition. We do not see growth as creating competitors, we see it as creating real wealth-building opportunities for hard-working individuals.

YOWHI is not another company that wants your money. We are vested in earning your business, your trust, and a continued relationship for years to come. We are here to help you through your lows and celebrate your highs. We embody the saying “You choose your friends, you can not choose your family!”

What excites us is being able to help someone in some way. Playing a part no matter how big or small in someone’s dream is the ultimate goal. Being a vessel where we can help get people from one destination to the next is all we ask of our days. There is no better way to serve God then by serving His people.

YOWHI will ultimately move into a brand that provides an array of avenues to assist people in achieving their dreams and goals. We are committed to investing into communities, towns, cities, states and America one person at a time.